Modern medical technology has made any disease, cancer in particular, detected in its first stages curable almost 100%. So, regular check-up is very important.

Checkup Packages

Class Class Contents
Class Ⅰ A + B + C
Class Ⅱ A + B + C + Echocardiogram
Class Ⅲ A + B + C + D
Class Ⅳ A + B + C + Echocardiogram
Class Ⅴ A + B + C + Colonoscopy
Class Ⅵ A + B + C + D + Echocardiogram + Colonoscopy
Cytology Pap smear for Married Women
PSA for Men over 50 years old
Biopsy for Endoscopy *
Breast Scan *
Chest X-Ray *
* Separate checkup items that are not included in the packages; Needed inquiries and reservation.

Checkup Items of Each Category

Category Checkup Items
A Haemogram
Liver Function
General Test
B Diabetic Profile
Lipid Profile
Kidney Assessment
Cancer Screening
C Cardiac Profile
Eye Examination
Ultrasound Scan
D Endoscopy

* Please refer to “Checkup Contents in detail” for each of checkup items above.

Checkup Inquiry

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