• Fill out the application form with information about the number of visitors, purpose of visit, and visiting schedule. Turn the form in to the clinic coordinator two months ahead of the plan through email bethesdamedicalcentre@gmail.com
  • After receiving formal notification of your visit, take the next step

* Travel purpose not allowed
* Confirm the number of visitors in the application form


Schedule Confirmation

  • Confirm visiting schedule concerning medical service and mission
  • Confirm room and board
    – 1-5 people
Room Day Week Month
Double Room 30 USD 150 USD 400 USD
Single Room 20 USD 100 USD 300 USD
*Our guest house cannot be available, so please confirm your room and board

– More than 5 people (=group)
Our guest house is not available for group: Other guest houses around the clinic available, but reservation needed
> Tuskis Guesthouse: $60/day for 1 person
> Makerere Univ. Guest house: $50/day for 1 person
> Food not provided

  • Transportation
    – BMC vehicle is available for max. 5 people
    – Bus rental needed for Group transportation

Airline Ticket Reservation

  • Reservation
  • Airlines
Airline Itinerary Flight hours
Qatar Airways
  • * Departure from Incheon, Korea (00:05) -> Arrival at Doha, Qatar (04:55)
  • Departure from Doha, Qatar (7:55) -> Arrival at Entebbe, Uganda (13:00)
Appx. 17hrs
Ethiopian Airline
  • *Departure from Incheon, Korea -> Arrival at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • * Departure from Addis Ababa -> Arrival at Entebbe, Uganda

Entry and Departure of the country

  • Please notify the clinic coordinator after your airline reservation
  • Please notify the clinic coordinator at the final transit before entry to Uganda
  • BMC offers Airport pickup and sendoff service