In Africa, there are many patients who can’t help but giving up on their surgery. They can’t receive proper diagnosis and treatment. Otherwise, they could have been living a new healthy life. Poor medical environment in Africa needs to be improved. It needs the great help of Korean churches and hospitals right now.

Medical Collaboration

  • To invite African patients to a Korean hospital and health care system for necessary diagnosis, treatment and medical service
  • To send traveling clinic regularly (more than once a year) to medically poor areas\
  • To distribute preventive medicine, medical training information, first-aid kit, etc

Health Care Providers Collaboration

  • To invite African medical specialists to Korean universities or hospitals and train them
  • To visit the mission field regularly (more than once a year) and educate health care providers with diagnosis, surgery and medical treatment

Collaboration Inquiry

  • Phone: +256-414-530-312
  • Email: