Please pay attention to the following items before your health exams for the accurate checkup.

The Day before the checkup


  • Have light dinner before 8pm and fast afterwards. You can drink water before 12am. (Avoid greasy food and overeating)
  • Take a good rest; no drinking alcohol, smoking and working too much.
    (Drinking, overeating and strenuous working out must be avoided)

Guide for medication

  • Make sure to consult with a doctor if you are endoscopy patient who takes anti-coagulants such as aspirin, Coumadin (Warfarin), and Plavix because of cardiac disorders or cerebrovascular diseases.
  • The checkup might not be possible if you have taken one of those medications in 7 days before the checkup.

Women patients

  • The checkup for urine, cervical cancer and breast cancer tests can be done 7 days after menstruation
  • Women of Childbearing Age must confirm whether or not they are pregnant before the checkup reservation.
  • Women seeking a cervical cancer test should avoid having sexual relations and any vaginal suppositories for 24 hours.

The Checkup Day


  • Absolutely avoid water, gum and cigarette as well as breakfast

Guide for medication

  • Take medications related to blood pressure, cardiac disorders and epilepsy with the least amount of water if you must.
  • Take Insulin and diabetic medications after the checkup.
  • You must let a nurse know if you had any allergic reaction to any medication in the past (any injectable drugs, contrast media, etc.)

Ultrasound Checkup

  • Those coming for the prostate and the uterus ultrasound tests must hold their urine after the first one on the day of checkup.


  • Those for sleep endoscopy checkup must use public transportation after the test. (It would be safer to accompany a guardian)