Precautions in the mission field

  • For less-than-3 month-short term visit, take a Malaria preventive. As malaria mosquitoes are most active at sunset, avoid night activities and wear long sleeve shirts. Use mosquito repellents always. Sleep inside a mosquito net.
  • Report to the Korea Embassy about your unexpected accident and problems.
  • Do not wear jewelry
  • Always carry your bag in public or using public transportation systems.
  • Purchase drinking water and make sure it is sealed.
  • Be respectful and keep courtesy toward the locals.
  • Carry your backpack in front in crowded places.
  • Do not swim in Lake Victoria because it’s polluted with a schistosome (a parasite aka, “blood fluke”).
  • Do not walk around where there are few people at night

Precautions after the return

  • Go to a doctor right away when you have high fever, diarrhea, muscle ache and headache and report about your visit to Africa.
  • If you miss time for treatment, Malaria can cause death or serious trauma. It is crucial to find it out in the initial stage.
  • Over the last 10 years, more than 10 malaria patients passed away among Korean immigrants and visitors.