Entry Procedure

Disembarkation card

  • Before landing, fill out your card on the plane
  • Make sure all information are correct on the card.


  • Visa is issued at an immigration checkpoint. You must answer a few questions.
What is the purpose of your visit here?
(Answer) Traveling
What is your occupation?
(Answer) Doctor, or IT professional
Where do you want to visit?
(Answer) Kampala, Kapchorawa, Karamoja
How long will you stay?
(Answer) for 10 days or for one month
  • The fee for issuing visa is US $100; Ask for the receipt.
  • The visa fee for East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda) is also US $100. You might be asked to show visiting schedules and transportation tickets. Then do not be nervous, but explain that your schedules depend on plans in Uganda. If issuing the visa is delayed, wait a while and ask for visa.

Customs inspection

  • For items worth more than US $600 (changeable), you must pay tax (more than 24% but it varies by item.) Please keep all the invoices of your things.
  • No tax on the medical items. If an inspector asks for tax, tell the person those are for medical purpose.
  • Even if you have to pay tax on the medical items, do not try to argue with the inspector and wait for paying the tax, which usually takes 2-3 hours.
  • If you feel the demand is unjust, do not respond to it. Instead take the right procedure to solve the problems. Ask BMC coordinator for help.

Departure procedure


  • Make sure your luggage does not weigh over the limit
  • Do not include any liquid, metal or banned import/export items in your hand carry baggage (ivories and animal hides are strongly banned)
  • Wrap any sharp item you have and put in your luggage. Do not bring it in your hand carrier.


  • If your airline offers web check-in service, check in a day or two earlier. You can shorten waiting time for your boarding pass.
  • Boarding pass issued at your airline.
  • Fill out the departure card and move to your boarding gate


  • Keep on taking Malaria preventives after returning
  • Get a treatment quickly if you feel abnormal symptoms and report about your visit to Africa