“We could have saved…”
“…could have lived in Korea.”

Many patients suffer from their sickness not being able to receive proper treatment just because they live in Africa. They need the loving hands of Christ that can heal their sick body and soul. We are waiting for our brothers and sisters of Christ who can participate in this life healing and soul saving ministry together.

Mission Content

  • Clinic patients’ diagnosis and treatment
  • Traveling clinic in the community
  • Healing camp operation in places with no or few doctors
  • To improve medical service and clinic administration
  • Bible study with campus students

Mission Activity

  • Medicine (Herbal Medicine included, Pharmacy, Medical Technologists, RNs)
  • Supporting administration, personnel, IT, etc.
  • Others (Advertising, PR, design, media, etc.)


  • Healthy Christians who are baptized
  • English fluency (for everyday life and for simple report writing)
  • Computer literacy (MS-Word, Excel)


  • Short term: 3-6 months
  • Long term: over 6 months
    *all mission activities are self supported

Mission Inquiry

  • Phone: +256-414-530-312
  • Email: bethesdamedicalcentre@gmail.com
  • Please email for mission inquiry and write us about yourself, your mission goal and confession of faith.