“Serve and Heal their spirit and body just as Christ did!”
“Participate in and extend the mission field of Christ!”
“Witness the gospel of Living Jesus and his truth!”


In 2007, Healing Camp started among medical doctors belonging to Korea UBF Kwangju III in order to serve Africa. Since then, the doctors serve and co-work with missionaries in Bethesda Medical Center in Uganda every year.

  1. First, we help the sick in the mission field that could not receive proper treatment but only suffer from their sickness in practical ways.
  2. Second, we serve and support the church, school, and community with our medical treatment on the basis of the missionaries’ gospel work.
  3. Third, we offer the beginners of faith or unbelievers chances to participate in the medical mission and to grow their faith in Jesus Christ.
  4. Fourth, we provide our advanced medical knowledge and skills to Ugandan medical teams by co-working with them.

So many sick people were healed and saved by grace of Jesus. In Uganda, there are many more sick people who need Jesus’ healing and saving grace. However, one healing camp would not be enough to help all of the sick. Please join our healing camp and participate in Jesus’ ministry, healing spirit and body so that the Kingdom of God may be extended through our medical mission.

“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.”
(1 Corinthians 4:2)