“…only one MRI…”
“The only one Endoscopy specialist in Uganda…”

A doctor in a hospital cannot diagnose patients’ disease because there is no good medical device available for diagnosis and checkup. It is reality most of African hospitals are facing. Bethesda Medical Center aspires to lead the medical service of Uganda and Africa. We should look out for Africa with the love of Christ.

Medical Device and Medicine Support

  • Medical device and equipment for diagnosis and checkup
  • Medicine
  • and more (more discussion needed for these supports)

Hospital Management Support

  • Hospital extension work & research center support for tropical diseases
  • Hospital facilities and utilities
  • Hospital operational fund
  • Support for missionaries and their families & children

Hospital Support Inquiry & Sponsorship

  • Phone: +256-414-530-312
  • Email: bethesdamedicalcentre@gmail.com